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RE: The JewishGen Family Finder:

My response to your questions

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Do you know if the Maharshak is you ancestor? No. Kav Hayashar? No.
The Bach? Yes (obviously, he was the shverr of the TaZ)
Rav Mordechai Shapiro, the Neshchitze Rebbe? No?
Were the Levis from the Taz? Yes.
Maharsha? Unknown.
Any rabonishe yichus? From the Noam Elimelech, but different side of the family
Do you know the yichus from the Levi branch? He it goes: I am Reuven Chaim ben Mordechai Meir ben Reuven Chaim ben Mordechai ben Binyamin Eliezer ben Reuven Chaim ben Binyamin Eliezer. This last Binyam Eliezer, whose last name was Ungar-Auerbach, was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi, the brother of Rav Yosef Charif, who was the Chief Rabbi of Wolbrom and later Krakow and was a Levi and a known descendant of the TaZ.
Do you have any Aron Shmuel names in your family? No. Liba Basha? No. Miriam? Not really.
Please. Any info would be so appreciated.
Thank you
N Dreyfus

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