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RE: about Rabbi Elozor Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus

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Subject: RE: about Rabbi Elozor Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus

I also have this Sefer Eshel HaGedolim (1958) in my house. It was my grandfather's copy and has an inscription from Rabbi Gartenhaus in it (although I can't really read the handwriting so well). I know that Rabbi Gartenhaus' second wife was somehow distantly related to my grandfather's family, but I am b'ikar trying to find out more about my grandfather and we wondering if there might be any clues worth pursuing through this lead.

Reuven Chaim Klein (also my grandfather's name)

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See below a copy of an e-mail from a correspondence I had a few years ago.
I'm not sure if this person knows more about the Gartenhaus family, but if his e-mail address is still correct, you can contact him directly.
I really don't know much more about this family. You can try my cousin Stuart Richler
My Moldaver family is from my grandmother's first cousin who married a Moldaver. Since it's by marriage, I don't know much about this family.


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I just came across your website(s) and was fascinated by the family trees there. I located my wife's brother, Yitzchok Yehoshua Klein, his wife Yehudit and their family. In 1996, we traveled to Israel for the wedding where we had the pleasure of meeting the Rotenbergs and the Katzes.
Currently they have four children: Yaffa (full name Yaffa Shaindel), Rachel Leah, Batsheva, and Shalom Shachna. I don't know if you're interested in the full genealogy of all those who married into the Richler family, but Yitzchok Yehoshua's own ancestral roots are quite impressive. [The same goes for Gittel Avigail Scher Hirsch, a childhood friend of my mother]. As far as the Edel family, I have a book on genealogy called "Eshel HaGedolim", by E.
L. Gartenhaus, (NYC, 1958) given to me by my late aunt, who was Gartenhaus'
daughter-in-law. There may some info there you can use.

Eli Delman


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Subject: about Rabbi Elozor Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus

I have a sefer at home from Rabbi Elozor Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus printed in
1958 which was signed by the rabbi to my grandfather. I know that he has some connection to my family because he was married to a descendant of the Shenos Chaim in his second marriage, but do you have any more information on him or his family or works?

Also, I noticed that you had the lastname "Moldaver" on your list of family members, my Rebbe is named Rabbi Moshe Yosef Moldaver, and he's from Toronto.

Reuven Chaim Klein
See my genealogy website:

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