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RE: about Rabbi Elozor Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus

Sorry for taking to long to respond, alas I have been very busy lately. I started using GenoPro for my genealogy research, but recently (last 2 years or so) I have just been dealing with emails without using any other software.

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Reuven Chaim,

I don't know anything about the second wife of Rabbi Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus, except that she is mentioned in a story in the introduction to the sefer (not by name). You may want to contact my cousin, Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Gartenhaus, a grandson of the Mechaber, at 718-627-1330.

I took a quick look at your family tree. Though a software developer by profession and somewhat of a "genealogy enthusiast", I'll confess that I know very little about genealogy software. I starting reading the stuff at, but I could really use some more advice. I would like to make a sensible investment in a program that is likely to continue to be supported and is adaptable to various formats.



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I also have this Sefer Eshel HaGedolim (1958) in my house. It was my grandfather's copy and has an inscription from Rabbi Gartenhaus in it (although I can't really read the handwriting so well). I know that Rabbi Gartenhaus' second wife was somehow distantly related to my grandfather's family, but I am b'ikar trying to find out more about my grandfather and we wondering if there might be any clues worth pursuing through this lead.

Reuven Chaim Klein (also my grandfather's name)

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