Friday, April 09, 2010

genealogy question

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He is 58 years old.
Has 4 childrem and 10 grandchildren.
He is a 4th cousin of mine.
Here is the e-mail of his son:

Harel Kohen

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Subject: genealogy question

> I just saw that you have an entry on your family tree entitled "Reuven Chaim Klein" son of "Moshe Avraham Klein." ( ). Reuven Chaim Klein is not such a common name, so having such a name on your family tree would imply a link between our families. I'd like to ask if you have any more information about this "Reuven Chaim Klein" on your website besides his father's name. I urge you to visit my old genealogy website; since my father's website went out of business, I haven't found a place to host my website, so it no longer exists as of now, but you can see the archives at
> Kol Tuv,
> Reuven Chaim Klein

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