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Thank you for your interesting information. The mini-biography in
introduction to the 1985 Shenos Chaim states that Rav Ya'akov HaLevi died on
2 Cheshvan 5589, which according to was 10 October
1828. He was originally the Av Beis Din of Wolbrom, and he later held the
position of Rosh Beis Din in Krakow. His father, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi
Leitzas (it is spelled LAMED-YUD-YUD-TZADI-ALEPH-SAMECH) was the Av Beis Din
of Ambrovia (sp?), and he was a direct male descendent of the TaZ.

Did you see ?

Gut Voch,

Reuven Chaim Klein
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I read your message to ravsig about R'Benyamin Eliezer
Ungar-Auerbach. Although I am unable to help you with
your connection to the Taz, I thought I'd pass on a bit of
information. Sorry if you are already aware of it:

In Krakow there was another Auerbach-Lichtig marriage.
Berish Auerbach (ben Moshe ben Meir) born around 1824,
married in 1844 to Rivka Schwenk daughter of Nathan
Schwenk and Frumet Lichtig. Frumet was the daughter
of Lebel Lichtig (1783-1838) who was the son of Chaskel
Lichtig (born 1753) son of Lebel (born around 1730). The
last person would be a contemporary of Zvi Hersz, your
ancestor. If both Lichtig families married Auerbachs, then
there is a likelihood that they were related, considering that
R'Yakov Lichtig also showed up in Krakow in the late 1810s,
when he seems to have died. If there is a connection to the
Taz, then Lebel's family might also be connected. Every
clue might help. Good luck.

Heshel Teitelbaum

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