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Sorry, as far as I know there are no Sinais in my tree.
The WEISSBLUM family referenced in my sig is the Noam Elimelech, of whom I supposedly descend, but I have not really been able to track down the exact line over there (the tradition is is that it comes from my father's father's mother, Chaya Zlata Mermelstein nee Klein nee Friedman, who was the daughter of Eliezer Friedman and Devorah Eckstein, one of those two being descendants of the Noam Elimelech).
The name UNGAR-AUERBACH comes from my ggg-grandfather, Rav Reuven Chaim Klein (author of Shenos Chaim) whose last name used to be Ungar-Auerbach, until he was orphaned and adotped the surname of his childless hosts KLEIN. His father was R' Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach from Wolbrom, Poland and who lived in Krakow. Above that I don't know.
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Does the name Sinai or any variation of it appear in your family as either a personal or surname?
There are many Sinais that stem from Krakow throughout the 1800s (and may stem from Rabbi Sinai
Lowe brother of the Maharal MiPraque) including Sinais that are intermarried with Auerbach.Orbachs
and Weisslbum.
My anscestor Rabbi Sinai Steiner was ABD of Ulanow His descendents inmarried with Ungar,
Aschkenazi, Amkrauts & and Halberstams
The name Sinai also appears among the Tatz family of South Africa.
The name Sinai is hallmark name and most all are interrelated so if it appears in your family,
its origin is most certainl worth investigating.
D, Stone
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