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Re: [ravsig] Connecting to the TaZ and R' Yitzhak Segal

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Rabbi Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach is the oldest relative I can trace up
my direct male line. All I know was that he lived in Krakow and was the
son-in-law of the Rosh Beis Din of Krakow, Rabbi Ya'akov HaLevi (formerly of
Wolbrom). R' Ya'akov passed away on 10 October 1828.

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As a member of the Galicia Discussion Group, I noticed the name
AUERBACH amongst the names you are researching. Could you please
give me more information on your AUERBACH family?


> For quite some time now, I have known that my gggg-grandfather, Rabbi
> Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach of Krakow (father of Rabbi Reuven
> Chaim Klein wrote the Shenos Chaim) married the daughter of Rabbi
> Ya'akov HaLevi from Wolbrom. Rav Ya'akov HaLevi was the brother of
> Yosef Lichtig/Charif HaLevi. The brothers were in turn sons of Rabbi
> Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi, who was a direct male descendant of Rabbi Dovid
> Segal HaLevi, the TaZ (Turei Zahav).
> For some time I have been looking for the exact line of connection
> between Rav Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi and his direct male ancestor the TaZ. I
> have yet to get the exact line of lineage. However, I recently found
> out that the MaHaRSHA (who lived in the same era as the TaZ and was
> also a Levi) had a son-in-law named Rabbi Yitzchack Segal Charif
> HaLevi. I was wondering if this son-in-law of the MaHaRSHA had
> anything to do with the line which I am trying to trace here.
> (See for more of my
> in my family's genealogy project.)
> Reuven Chaim Klein
> Surnames being researched:
> In Munkatch(Mukachevo) and its surrounding areas(especially a village
> called Kleczanev or Klyachanovo): ECKSTEIN, FREIDMAN, KLEIN,
> MERMELSTEIN, UNGAR-AUERBACH In Bonyhad, a village in
Hungary: KUTTNER
> From anywhere: ISSERLES, WEISSBLUM, SIRKES Sender: "Reuven
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