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Re: Mermelsteins and Kleins

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First of all, I'd like to apologize for not responding as quickly as I
should have. I overlooked your email sitting in my genealogy folder of my
email program, and I don't have access to that out of my house and I've been
away from home for the pastfew weeks. So I'm sorry for not responding

You haven't really said which towns this Mermelstein family which you have
are from. My relations to a Mermelstein family stem from my
great-grandmother's (Chaya Zlata Mermelstein nee Klein nee Friedman)
marriage to Reb Shlomo Mermelstein (after the death of my great-grandfather,
R' Mordechai Klein). They lived in Kleczanev, Kliachanove, Klyachanovo or
however you spell and pronounce it. It was town near the city of Munkatch,
Munkacs, Munkachevo, or however you spell and pronounce that. Somewhere on
my site is a family tree of my
Mermelstein family, the names that you gave me don't really match, and I'm
almost positive my Mermelstein relatives are NOT Kohanim.

I hope you had a good Yuntiff.

Gut voch,

Reuven Chaim Klein
Vice President
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Subject: Mermelsteins and Kleins

Good Afternoon. I saw you web site and believe that there is a good
chance we are either remotely related or possibly you could point me in
a direction. In my tree there are 2 Mermelstein lines (could be one but
I haven't found the connection yet) and a associated Klein line.

I believe that one of my great-grandfathers, Joseph Mermelstein (Yosef
Zev ben Yishayahu Tzui) (1887-1981) was the son of Sol Mermelstein and
Pearl Klein. He married Sarah Mauskoph in 1911.

Another one of my great-grandfathers, Samuel Mermelstein (Shlomo Zalman
ben Shmuel Aharon HaCohen) (1886-1949) was the son of Schmeil Aaron and
Fannie Froimowitz.

This is the side of my family I know least about and have been searching
for a very long time. If any of this connects with anything you have or
any advice you could give me in my search, I would be most appreciative.

Michael Hall

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