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Re: [ravsig] Connecting to the TaZ and R' Yitzhak Segal CHARIF

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(I'm answering your questions in reverse order, because to understand the
second answer,you must first read the first.)

The Shenos Chaim was recently reprinted by Machon Yerushalayim (a prominent
publishing company in the headquartered in the Old City of Jerusalem) in
1985 (through the sponsorship of a distant relative who lives in Meah
Shearim and descends from Ramah. Her name is Sarah Beinhorn nee Klein, and
she herself wrote a book detailing her experiences during the Holocaust. I
visited her last summer). Since 1985 it has been out of print, and Mechon
Yerushalayim no longer sells it. I have a copy of that 1985 print, which is
hard to find nowadays. (An older print from 1871 is surely rarer.) The sefer
Toldos HaRamah was privately printed 2004 by Avraham Klein of London (in
honor of his daughter's wedding). This print was based on the 1992 print
from Yeshivas Chidushei HaRim (Ger). I am not aware of any means of getting
this sefer, although the more recent publisher sent me a copy about a year

The mini-biography in introduction to the 1985 Shenos Chaim states that Rav
Ya'akov HaLevi died on 2 Cheshvan 5589, which according to was 10 October 1828. He was originally the Av Beis Din
of Wolbrom, and he later held the position of Rosh Beis Din in Krakow. His
father, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi Leitzas (it is spelled
LAMED-YUD-YUD-TZADI-ALEPH-SAMECH) was the Av Beis Din of Ambrovia (sp?), and
he was a direct male descendent of the TaZ.

Gut Voch,

Reuven Chaim Klein
Vice President
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Dear Reuven:

There was a Yaakov Lewit of Wolbrom, born circa 1769, died 1814 in
Wolbrom. He was married circa 1790 to Elka (bas Getzel) Berman. Their son
Shabsa Lewit was my gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather - he was my great-grandfather
Shabsa Lis' maternal grandmother's father. There were many Lewit's in
Wolbrom in the 19th century who, as best I remember, were all from the same
family. Do you know about when Yakov HaLevi lived and died? If the timing
is the same, then there is a possibility it is the same person as there
were probably not that many Leviim named Yakov running around Wolbrom in the

very early 1800's. On the flip side, I have no knowledge of the Yakov Lewit

that I have seen the records for actually moving to Krakow.

How could I obtain copies of the Shnos Chaim and also the book on Toldos


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kol Tuv.

Shabsa Lis
Skokie, IL

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> For quite some time now, I have known that my gggg-grandfather,
> Rabbi Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach of Krakow (father of Rabbi
> Reuven Chaim Klein wrote the Shenos Chaim) married the daughter
> of Rabbi Ya'akov HaLevi from Wolbrom. Rav Ya'akov HaLevi was the
> brother of Rav Yosef Lichtig/Charif HaLevi. The brothers were in
> turn sons of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi, who was a direct male
> descendant of Rabbi Dovid Segal HaLevi, the TaZ (Turei Zahav).
> For some time I have been looking for the exact line of connection
> between Rav Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi and his direct male ancestor the TaZ.
> I have yet to get the exact line of lineage. However, I recently
> found out that the MaHaRSHA (who lived in the same era as the TaZ
> and was also a Levi) had a son-in-law named Rabbi Yitzchack Segal
> Charif HaLevi. I was wondering if this son-in-law of the MaHaRSHA
> had anything to do with the line which I am trying to trace here.
> (See for more of my research
> in my family's genealogy project.)
> Reuven Chaim Klein
> Surnames being researched:
> In Munkatch(Mukachevo) and its surrounding areas(especially a village
> called Kleczanev or Klyachanovo): ECKSTEIN, FREIDMAN, KLEIN,
> In Bonyhad, a village in Hungary: KUTTNER
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