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Re: The JewishGen Family Finder: Eckstein

Truth is that I don't have much information about the Eckstein part of my family, so I can't assess whether or not we might have a connection. All I know about my Ecksteins is that they are descendants of the Noam Elimelech. Are yours?

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Stephen A Cohen
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My wife is descended from Hyman Eckstein & Pearl Winrauch, who had seven children:

Tillie Toba, was born 18 Nov 1894 in Bruzniev Galicia Poland. About 1910 she married Abraham Kreindler, b.03 Oct 1884 in Dolina Austria. They moved to Brooklyn NY and had seven children:

Seymore, b. 1918, died about 1923
Sylvia,  b. 22 Dec 1919 died about 1967 in Brooklyn NY
Ruth     b. 30 Jan 1922 in Manhattan NYC and died Jun 1953.    They married 18 Dec 1943 in Brooklyn NY, and had to daughters Pamela, my wife & Arlene

Claire, b. 30 Sep 1923 to 30 Sep 1923. She never married.
Julius  b. 20 Jul 1925, now 92, never married.
Irving  b. 28 Mar 1935, never married.
David   Stillborn.

Boy stillborn
Nathan  married Frieda Goldstein and moved to Argentina and had three children: Shlomo, Isadore & Sophie. Shlomo moved to Pardess Hanna, ISRAEL. He married Yona, surname unknown.They had six children, detail unknown. Shlomo has died.

Isadore died in Argentina Between 1945–1948. Sophie married in France. No details known.

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