Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Re: Happy New Year

Dear Avio,
There isn't enough information to know if there is a connection between the families. But it should be easy to figure out because the last name KLEIN was adopted by the Shenos Chaim (our great-great-great-grandfather), so if they are related to us they can't be too many generations away. Could you find out more information about Mr. Weiss' mother, like her parents' name and her father's parents' name. Please keep in mind that about half of the population of the town of Munkatch was Jewish and KLEIN is a very very common Jewish last name in Hungary.

Gmar Chasimah Tova,

Reuven Chaim Klein

Beitar Illit, Israel

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On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 6:47 PM, Avi Klein <> wrote:
Hi Rudy!~ 

I wanted to introduce you to a fellow I met at shul this morning in San diego. 

His name is Rodolfo Weiss, also goes by Rudy. His mother is a Klein girl from Munkatch, Rivka "Viola" Klein, and they settled in Cuba/ Puerto Rico after the war.

Think there is any kesher? 


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