Monday, August 22, 2016

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Klein is a very popular last name, what makes you think there might be a connection?
Our KLEIN family are descendants of Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein, author of Shenos Chaim who was a Rabbi in a city called Davidkoff or Davidhaz (in Ukraine, near Munkatch). The last name KLEIN originated with him because when he was studying in the Chasam Sofer's Yeshiva in Pressburg, he boarded with a childless family named KLEIN and he adopted their last name. Incidentally, he was buried in Vienna because he ended up there for treatments at the end of his life.

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My name is Steve Klein.  I am wondering if my Great Great Grandfather Rabbi Alimelach Klein who settled in NY could be connected to your Klein's.  I have a town called Pucha listed in the naturalization record of one of his sons as to where he was born as well as Vienna being listed for his son.  Alimelach is just listed as Austria.  I can be reached at

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