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Re: Serbia

I was actually not aware of this before. Thank you for your help.

Reuven Chaim Klein
Genealogical Researcher
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Dear Reuven,


You're probably aware of it, but this is a reminder as to the pages of testimony submitted to Yad Vashem by what seems to be your uncle, Joseph Barnai of Afula, and his relatives, including your mother, re Kuttner from Bonyhad:!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL?last_name=Kuttner&first_name=&location=Bonyhad&next_form=results


In addition, the database has a total of 124 entries under Weiss from Novi Sad, hence you might want to review them:!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL?last_name=Weiss&first_name=&location=Novi%20Sad&next_form=results


Lastly, in the past I have advised fellow genners to try and contact city halls as a means of obtaining vital records. If necessary I can look up contact info for both Bonyhad and Novi Sad.



Shaul Sharoni,



Subject: WEISS family from Ujvidek


Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 07:29:15 -0700 (PDT)

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I am looking for information about the WEISS (or WEISZ) family from Ujvidek (Novi Sad) in Serbia/Yugoslavia. My father's mother, Mrs. Rose Kuttner from Bonyhad was the daughter of Rabbi Meir and Devorah Kuttner, who were teachers in the Orthodox Elementary School in Bonyhad. Deborah Kuttner was a daughter of the WEISS family from Ujvidek.


Reuven Chaim Klein

Genealogical Researcher

JewishGen ID    #106665


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