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RE: [h-sig] WEISS family from Ujvidek

That's it! Although, I didn't know that their oldest son, "Joszef" was called Gyorgi. I knew about Marcell, "Martzi" or "Moshe"'s death. It is mentioned in the book about Bonyhad written by my father's uncle, Leslie Blau (Blau Laszlo). And Miska Kuttner was the secular name for Meir Kuttner. My grandmother is the youngest suriving daughter of Miksa and Dora Kuttner, her name is Roszi Klein nee Kuttner. She lives in Brooklyn in the same house as her two older sisters, Gyngi and Suri. Please send me to your sources were I can get more information about this...
Reuven Chaim Klein
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> Subject: RE: [h-sig] WEISS family from Ujvidek
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> Date: Sunday, August 8, 2010, 4:23 AM
> Hi Reuven,
> I have a friend in Hungary, whose family nami is Kuttner. I
> think it is only 1 family. Originated from Dunaszerdahely,
> now Dunajska Streda, Slovakai. Then his family moved to
> Komarom, Tata, Bonyhád and Budapest. I think I have part of
> your family from a Holocaust list: Kutter (Meir, I didn't
> know) his wife Dóra Weisz (of cours she is Dvora). Their
> daughter I have is Györgyi, born in Bonyhád: 06/jan/1922.
> Their son, Marcell was born also in Bonyhád: 1926, Died
> 19/dec/1944 in Tata. Maybe during walking to the western
> border by the Nazis. György die din 1945.
> There was a Miksa Kuttner in 1937 in Bonyhád, he was a
> jewish religious teacher.
> Best
> András
> Oblath András
> Budapest, Hungary
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> Subject: [h-sig] WEISS family from Ujvidek
> I am looking for information about the WEISS (or WEISZ)
> family from Ujvidek (Novi Sad) in Serbia/Yugoslavia. My
> father's mother, Mrs. Rose Kuttner from Bonyhad was the
> daughter of Rabbi Meir and Devorah Kuttner, who were
> teachers in the Orthodox Elementary School in Bonyhad.
> Deborah Kuttner was a daughter of the WEISS family from
> Ujvidek.
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