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(Fwd) Re: [ravsig] Connecting to the TaZ and R' Yitzhak Segal

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> I think I was a little unclear on my original message, so let me try
> to fix it up better.
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

> First of all, Rabbi Binyamin Eliezer
> Ungar-Auerbach was not my grandfather, he was rather my
> gggg-grandfather.
The two surnames are probably taken from two different ancestors, and as I understand, you don't know much about this Auerbach family.

> I was trying to say that his father-in-law, Rabbi
> Yaakov HaLevi was a ABD in Krakow, not that he was.The GED file on my
> site is very outdated and hasn't been fixed for over a year. Reb
> Yaakov HaLevi was a direct male descendant of the TaZ (they were both
> Leviim), although I can't trace that exact lineage, which is what I am
> trying to do. Perhaps your book can help me. Can you please check if
> it mentioned this ABD of Krakow, Reb Ya'akov Litzas HaLevi, who was
> the brother of Rav Yosef Charif-Lichtig and the son of Reb Tzvi HaLevi
> (and again all these Leviim are direct male descendents of the TaZ)
> and their exact lineage to the TaZ?
Although the book mentions a Rabbi Yakov Charif ABD Leshnov and a Rabbi Chaim Yakov Halevi Charif ABD Polnoe, there is no mention of a "R' Yakov Yitzas Halevi the son of Tzvi Halevi".

> Would you be willing to send me
> the information tracing the TaZ and BACH all the way to Dovid
> HaMelech, it would be very interesting for me.
I think it would be worthwhile for you to get a copy of this book which concentrates on the lineage of the family with its more than 700 ancestors directly linked to Dovid Hamelech. This hard-cover books contains 200 pages of our family genealogy and is replete with charts, yahrtzeits and a concise easy to follow index.

Gut Shabbos & Kol Tuv

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> Segal
> > Rabbi Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach is the oldest relative I can
> > trace up my direct male line. All I know was that he lived in Krakow
> > and was the son-in-law of the Rosh Beis Din of Krakow, Rabbi Ya'akov
> > HaLevi (formerly of Wolbrom). R' Ya'akov passed away on 10 October
> > 1828.
> Although your grandfather used both names Unger & Auerbach, I assume
> he was probably not the son of an Auerbach but of an Unger and/or
> Unger-Auerbach. I don't recall an Av Beis Din in Krakow by the name of
> Auerbach during my research. The Auerbach ancestor I am a descendant
> from is the famous Rabbi Nachman Zev Auerbach ABD Monasterzyska
> (1789-1855), son of Rabbi David Tzvi ABD Kremenetz and Mogilev
> (1743-1808), son of Rabbi Arye Leibish Auerbach ABD Stanislav
> (1710-1749).
> I wanted to study your family tree and your connection to the Taz, so
> I downloaded your gedcom file. Apparently, there is no name on your
> tree actually connected to the Taz. Is your ancestor, Tzvi Hirsch
> Litzas Halevi, a descendant?
> BTW, the surname of the Taz's mother-in-law, Baila, is not "Fum". Her
> father, Rabbi Avraham Hertzkes "was a Fum (or rather Pum)
> (peh-vov-mem) in Lwow", which stands for "Parness uManhig". He was the
> son of Rabbi Naftali Hertz (Rosh Mesivta in Lwow), hence his surname,
> Hertzkes.
> After 18 years of research, we recently published a family genealogy
> book detailing in graphic description the lineage of the family with
> its more than 700 ancestors directly linked to King David. As a
> descendant of the Taz, the Bach and the Auerbachs, their genealogy
> tree is part of this book.
> MGriffel
> Jerusalem

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