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Re: Ackerman & Gross Families

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I Know Mr. Rosenshein, I emailed him too since I found yours and his email
correspondence at the same web site.
I thought that the information was yours, not his.
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> That information is from a researcher who I'm sending
> this message to also. His name is Nosson Rosenschein.
> Gut Shabbos.
> --- RACHEL BLONDER wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was searching the Jewishgen web site for Klein. In
>> the process I came across your web page. Although
>> your list of Klein's (my father's side of the
>> family) were not what I was looking for at the time,
>> I came across my mother side of the family which is
>> the Ackerman family. Most of the information I had
>> gotten years ago from Raizy Ackerman nee Weiss, and
>> from Chaim Yerucham Klein whose wife was an Ackerman
>> and so was his mother. Since you seem to be
>> connected closer to the Klein side, I was wondering
>> where did you get most of the Ackerman information.
>> One of the Ackerman great grandfathers was married
>> to a Fannie Gross, on your file it is ind00774. By
>> the way her Jewish name was Chaya Faige. She died in
>> 1916. Her Yahrtzeit is Rosh Chodesh Ta'mu'z. I would
>> like to know her mother's maiden name. Chaya Faige's
>> father was Yehuda Aryeh Gross and her mother was
>> Sara Rivka. Chaya Faige was my mother's great aunt.
>> Thank Your,
>> Rachel
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