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RE: r' yaakov uri and the seidenfelds

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Subject: RE: r' yaakov uri and the seidenfelds

I have in my possession the 1985 Machon Yerushalayim print of the Sefer Shnos Chaim, it is currently out of print and copies of the sefer are pretty hard to come by. It was printed by Mrs. Sara Beinhorn nee Klein. She printed the sefer in memory of her late husband Naphtali Beinhorn, who was the grandson of Naphtoli Seidenfeld (through his daughter Shindel who married Rav Yichel Michel Beinhorn). In the preface to that print, she lists her relatives who were killed in the Holocaust and before and explains each one's relation to her and her husband. This is how I know about the Seidenfeld relation. Perhaps you would be better off asking Mrs. Beinhorn herself, she lives in Geulah Meah Shearim in Yerushalayim. I visited her last summer, and she seems glad to help people trying to research our family. I'm planning to scan all the genealogy related pages of the Shenos Chaim into the computer and after that I'll be able to send it to you. But I don't have time or the hardware ability to do that now. I am currently restructuring my genealogy website ( so over the next few days things might disappear from the site until the new site is up and running, so I suggest you try to learn what you can from my site now. I'll try to help you IY"H Bli Neder as much as I can, but being in Yeshiva I don't have much time to work on the computer.
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Subject: r' yaakov uri and the seidenfelds

Hi, My name is Yossi Seidenfeld, and I'm an einekil from the Dinover, through his son in law , R. Yaakov Uri. I am in contact with Moishe Miller and it seems that you supplied him with some information that I'm very interested in knowing. Would you be able to share some of your resources with me.
I'd like to know how we know the death date and burial place of Naftoli Seidenfeld, my elte zeide. Is there any documentation of his marriage to Rochel Leah Uri, or is it just family tradition.
I come from Naftoli's son Yeshaya. If you have any information about him, I would be very interested as well.
It seems you have a sefer, Shnos Chaim. I'd be interested in attaining a copy if it contains vital links to my family tree.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Yossi Seidenfeld

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Avrohom Seidenfeld said...

I am a great grandson of R' Mendel Seidenfeld, son of R' Yeshaye Seidenfeld.

I have been wanting for years to locate an undisputable source of our lineage to the Bnei Yissuschor.

Is there any update to the inquiry in January 2006 on our Uri connection. I'm very anxious to get to the bottom of the uncertainty surrounding the issue as other branches of the Seidenfeld family claim that without a document proving Rachel Uri as the wife of the Zeide R' Naftoli, they can't accept it as truth.

There are numerous questions:

1 - Why their parents were never aware of being decendants and that they would have been very vocal about it.
2- There are no noticeable names after the Bnei Yissuschur or R' Yaakov Uri among the decendants of my Zaide R' yeshaye.
I don't have a real good explanation. I do know that he lived in Kerestir, Hungary. He was very close to and a shamash of R' Yeshayele Kerestirer.

I have theories but that won't satisfy the family.

Also, do you know where in Tzfas, the Zaide R' Naftoli's kever is and is it intact? I am curious as to the name of R' Naftoli's father and the roots upward. I know the famnily originated from Poland but I don't know how far up.

You had planned on scanning in the pges from the sefer Shnos Chaim, did you manage to do that?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks much,

Avrohom B. Seidenfeld
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