Friday, February 24, 2006

RE: Tziyun LeNefesh Tzvi

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Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

Reuven Chaim Klein
Vice President
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Subject: RE: Tziyun LeNefesh Tzvi

Reuven Chaim,

I am sorry to notify you that I just got up from the Shiva of my father,
Hareni Kaporas Neshmaso.

The sefer is out of print.

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Subject: Tziyun LeNefesh Tzvi

A Bachur from my yeshiva's high school here in Los
Angeles approached me this week and asked me about the
sefer "Tziyun LeNefesh Tzvi" written by Rabbi
Mordechai Spielman. He saw it in a footnote to the
Artscroll translation of Kesubos. I told him that I
didn't know about the sefer, but that I was in touch
with you over the internet. He asked me to ask you how
he can get a hold of the sefer (i.e. where can he buy
it) and he wants to know more about the sefer.

Gut Shabbos,

Reuven Chaim Klein
Head Webmaster


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