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Just looked at the attachment and I see you are a cousin of my sister in law Dahlia Gruenbaum née Messinger. 
I forgot to answer your question. This is known as a vital statistic or BMD (birth, marriage, death) record. These records were filmed by the Mormons and are available on the FamilySearch website. I've done research on a lot of families in a lot of towns so I don't remember which town this was from. 
S. Just

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Thanks again! Where is this marriage record from? Are they records from some Kehillah (which?) or from the government (which?)?
Yes, I was referring to the diary of Rav Pinchos Kohn where he writes about his childrens' births. Akiva Kohn from Yerushalayim sent me a copy of that (I wonder who has the original).
You previously wrote me that Leah Reichenthal nee Weisz' father was named Yechezkel but in this certificate his name is given as Samuel. Should I assume that Samuel was his goyische name and Yechezkel was his Jewish name? Was Marie Weisz called Miriam, or did she have a different Hebrew name?
I'm attaching my own Megillas Yuchasin in which I record all this information, so if you want you can take a look at it and offer feedback.

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My pleasure. It says that Eliyohu was born in Helban, lived in Koros (Krusovce) was the son of Jakob Reichental.
Leah was born in Sopornya and was the daughter of Samuel and Marie Weisz. You can share this with anyone you please, it is publicly available information if you know where to find it. 
I also have something from Pinchos Kohn with the births of 3 of his children. Is that what you mean?

S. Just

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I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly what is says, but from what I understand it says that Elias Reichenthal married Leni Weizs on July 5, 1854. What else does it say? Where did you get this from? Can I share it with other members of the extended family (we have a relative in Jerusalem named Kohn who is somewhat involved in research and he has a ksav-yad of the Rav Pinchas Kohn, the Tallosi Nagypapa)?

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<מגילת יוחסין למשפ' קליין.doc>

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