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Re: genealogy questions

'Shkoiyach for your response. I attached the selection in Rabbi Gartenhaus' sefer about this story.

Where did you get your information about the exact names between the Shenos Chaim and the TaZ? I have the same account in my notes (which I think I got from R Eliezer Klein from Lakewood, a grandson of Reuven Chaim Klein about whom there was a Mishpacha article a few years back). But I found on Otzar HaChochma a slightly different account, see the other attachment. I was thinking maybe that they aren't arguing but that there is a name missing from our listing and that really reb tzvi hirsch stern's father reb avrohom halevi stern who was a son of rav dovid stern who was a son of reb shmuel halevi (who, by the way, was a son-in-law of reb shimshon of ostropoli and died al kiddush hashem ע' קובץ ישורון גליון י"ח עמ' תתמ"ד). I am trying to ask a few people about this to answer up the stira (I am in touch with the author of that sefer's father who is a rov in bene baraq and there is someone in my chabura who might be able to get me some more information about this line...)

Also, it is interesting to note that what Klilas Yofi (on pg. 60 in my print) says about Reb Yakov Stern that he was rov in wolbrom and then in krakow is also mentioned by the Chasam Sofer himself in Teshuvos Chasam Sofer Chadashos, Yoreh Deah Siman 17. 

Who was this Charna that was married to Reb Binyamin Eliezer Klein? Who were her parents? Do you have any pictures from Reb Binyamin Eliezer Klein (and his wife)'s tombstone in Szolyva? I found a guy who is willing to go to Szolyva to take pictures of the kevorim there, but he would charge $100 to do so.

I am note sure what you meant when you wrote "I don't know which Reuven Chaim you are, but the older one who is married to Chava, his mother Freida Rivka comes from the brother of the Rema, Eliezer." 

Via Google, I learned that last year you left BMG to become a rov in Denver. It seems to me that we probably overlapped at our time in BMG. I used to learn in the Chabura of Reb Aryeh Leib Paretzky and then later in the Chabura of Reb Sruli Newman (Kalman Krohn's eidim).

By the way, if you want you can join where our extended family tree is growing.

Kol Tuv,

Reuven Chaim Klein
Beitar Illit, Israel

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Dear R' Reuven Chaim,
I have not yet seen what Rav Gartenhaus wrote about Mendel Kalish. I do have a picture of his matzevah (attached). Did you know that he was niftar when he was 15! I never heard of ksavim from him, but I will look around.
Binyamin Eliezer's wife was Charna. (They lived in Svalyava). I do not know the order of the children of Binyamin Eliezer.
Yichus of Shnos Chaim:
Rav Reuven Chaim
son of Rav Binyamim Eliezer Unger Orbach
son-in law of Rav Yaakov Litzas (Av Bais Din Wohlbrum, Polin, Rav Krakow)
son of Rav Tzvi Hirsch segal Stern (called Reb Hershele Litzas Av Bais Din Dambrava near Trani, which is where he is buried, see sefer Klilas Yofi page 131.)
son of Rav Dovid segal Stern
son of Rav Shmuel (Av bais Din and Rosh Hayeshiva in Ferden.
son of Taz
We do not know how the Shnos Chaim came from the Rema, although we know he did.
I don't know which Reuven Chaim you are, but the older one who is married to Chava, his mother Freida Rivka comes from the brother of the Rema, Eliezer.
Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg
Kahal Zera Avraham
1560 Winona Court
Denver, CO 80204
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Reuvain I am forwarding your email to Tzvi Steinberg he can answer all your questions.

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I was recently reading through Eshel Avorhom (from Rav Elazar Lipa Gartenhaus), he mentions the fascinating story of the child prodigy Menachem Mendel Kallisch. I was wondering if you have any more information about the story. It seems very interesting. Does anyone still have any of his writings? It is mentioned in the sefer that he drew foretelling the Nazi's conquering of Europe.

Also, I recently had my firstborn son. I named him after our common ancestor, Binyamin Eliezer Klein. Do we have any information about him? Who was his wife? And what was the birth order of his three children (my g-grandfather, Mordechai Klein, your gg-grandmother, Zissel Kallisch, and Pesel Mayer)?

Also, I probably asked you this before, but do you know exactly how the Shenos Chaim was a descendant of the TaZ and/or the Remah?

Kol Tuv,
Reuven Chaim Klein


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