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There were many KLEIN families in Munkatch you would have to give me some more details in order for me to know if "Avi Klein"'s family is related to mine. (I happen to have a brother named Avi Klein, but he was not named after anyone from the Klein side of the family). Our KLEIN family are descendants of Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein the author of Shenos Chaim. Can you offer any more information about your KLEIN family?


On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:09 PM, Zack Oryan Oracz <> wrote:

- From : Zack Oryan Oracz, (researcher code 421722)
- To : Reuven Chaim Klein, (researcher code 106665)
- Subject : The JewishGen Family Finder:
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&#1514;&#1493;&#1491;&#1492; &#1506;&#1500; &#1506;&#1494;&#1512;&#1514;&#1498;:
My name is Zack Oryan Oracz. I'm a journalist and genealogist from Israel and I'm conducting a genealogical research for Mr.Avi Klein and the Klein family from theMunkács town
I believe that the family trees of these families and of those that you are researching have a common past and I'd be glad to receive/submit information to advance this research.
Thank you very much and good luck.

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