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Re: Klein/Mermelstein Connection

I don't think we are related. KLEIN and MERMELSTEIN were quite popular family names in Hungary, so the fact that the lastnames match doesn't really mean much. I'm attaching a family tree of the KLEIN/MERMELSTEIN Family prepared by Steven Schwartz (of West Orange) and I think that none of the first names match up with the names you listed.

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On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 10:46 PM, Hilary Wolf <> wrote:
Hi, Reuven!

My name is Hilary (maiden name is Zorn), and I stumbled across your site a couple of weeks ago.  I am related through my father's mother's side to both Klein and Mermelstein  families.

I cannot see your family tree on your website, but here is what I know about the connection -

Hilary Sue Zorn Wolf, daughter of Babe Holtzer and Gerald Zorn, son of Samuel Zorn (Roza Braun and Bernath Czorn) and Sarah Klein, daughter of Sheindel Schwartz and Jacob Klein

I believe my great-grandfather Jacob had a brother named Jonas Klein (wife Pessie Weiss) whose daughter, Sadie Klein, married Izadore Mermelstein, whose daughter, Lena Mermelstein, married my father's Uncle Louis Zorn.  

When I visit my father's family in New York - both my mother and father's sides live in California and New York - we always joke how we are doubly related.

I know you are busy and tend to look at e-mail rarely during the week, but if you have a chance to check out the names, I would be so grateful; when my parents visited Yad Vashem about 28 years ago, he researched his Klein side of the family (his mother brought two of her brothers here after WW2), and discovered that we may be related to a Rabbi Klein who translated Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed into Hungarian.

With much appreciation and gratitude in advance for any thoughts or information you may have,

Hilary Wolf
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