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RE: The JewishGen Family Finder:

I don't know much about the Ungar part of my family because my earliest known relative (father's father's father's...) was named R' Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach, he was the son-in-law of the Rav of Wolbrom and Krakow, Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi (brother of Rav Yoseph Charif), and his son, R' Reuven Chaim Klein changed the lastname from Ungar-Auerbach to Klein.
Reuven Chaim Klein

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Please email me if you know of any previous yichus you know that came from R. Ungar.
It seems that you're Rav Ungar and mine lived during the same time, give or take a generation.  Since it is not a common name, and they were both in the Rabanus, Bais Din, they may have been related.
N Dreyfuss

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